Tuesday, October 21, 2014



The world lost a beautiful child on Saturday. Just 28 years old: He was doing what he always does on weekends. Climbing to the tops of mountains in Swiss Alps.

Got the call Sunday afternoon. We've gone through cases and cases of kleenex.

His mom and dad, text book perfect.  His up brining magnificent, he excelled at school, graudaured with honors, recently promoted working and playing in Zurich.
He had more friends than there are mosquitoes at Brighton Speedway on a July humid night.

A slip and fall 150m drop he's gone.

His parents are crushed, devastated squared. His brother a walking zombie. The entire family will never recover from this.. It's Imposable.

This is truly one of the sadest weeks of our families life...

Good bye perfect Nephew.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dyslexic Vapour Man


Just don't have the same feel. I'm sticking with Dyslexic  Smoking Man

I'm going to miss not  taking down a cig 50% on the first morning drag. Ahh